Unique day tour from Belfast

Tired of the usual Giant’s Causeway tour from Belfast? Have already been to the Causeway and are now looking for somewhere else to go? Finding a bus to go from Belfast to Dublin?

Why not join a day tour from Belfast to Dublin? Instead of the direct transport from Belfast to Dublin, you can also visit the legendary St.Patrick’s burial’s place and see the early Christian settlement at Monasterboice. If you are already planning to go to Dublin from Belfast, this day tour is the easiest and most hassle-free way to do it.

When you think of Ireland, apart of Guinness and whiskey, the holiday – St. Patrick’s Day and the word – Celtic are probably the other things that pop into your head. On this day tour, you will get to learn about the origin of St. Patrick’s Day/ St. Patrick and also visit one of the most well-preserved Celtic sites in Ireland. On top of that, you will also get a 1-hour sightseeing tour of Dublin before exploring the city on your own.

Departing at 8am from Belfast, your first stop is the St. Patrick’s Centre in Downpatrick.

Before St. Patrick came to Ireland, the Irish (or Celts) worshiped the sun and nature. Probably because there wasn’t too much sun that they were getting anyway, St. Patrick managed to convert people on this Island to Christianity. St. Patrick was from Roman Britain. When he was a teenager, he was kidnapped and was brought into slavery on Ireland for six years. He made his escape back to Britain and studied in the clergy. Inspired by a dream, he decided to return to Ireland and to convert the Irish to Christianity.

At the St. Patrick’s Centre, you will get to experience the life of St. Patrick through all the interactive display. Entrance to the visitor centre is included in this tour. You will also be able to visit the Down Cathedral at the back of the centre. Not only is it a beautiful piece of architect, it is also the final resting place of St. Patrick.

You will then be taken to Monasterboice, where you will be able to see the best high crosses in Ireland. These crosses have Bible stories on them. They were used to teach monks during the Dark Ages. One of them – the Cross of Murdock – is considered the best high cross in the whole of Ireland. Study the cross carefully and you will find the Last Judgment, where Christ is under a dove, symbolising the Holy Spirit. You will also find Archangel Michael weighing souls; Moses and the water; Adam and Eve etc.

Coming into Dublin, you will first be taken onto a one-hour sightseeing tour. The guide will point out the major attractions in the city and give you background information on them. Learn more about Guinness before actually trying it makes your whole tasting experience different. Understand why Trinity College is so special before stepping into the college ground.

After the guided bus tour in Dublin city, you will be given around an hour to explore the place. Do some shopping, drink a few pints and visit some famous locations on your own. You can finish the tour here in Dublin or jump back on the bus an hour later to go back to Belfast.

Written by: Robert H.

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