Unforgettable day at the Cliffs of Moher

As it is my first time here in Ireland, I was excited to go onto this Cliffs of Moher tour. After seeing reams of pictures and hearing a lot of great stories I couldn’t wait to go there. The day-trip with FinnMcCoolsTours seemed to be perfect because I always wanted to go to Galway as well and this small city is an included stop on this tour.

It was Saturday, 8th of July, where I went on tour. It will be a great day I thought, because the sun was shining already in the morning.


The stops

After getting an introduction into the tour from our guide we made our first stop, which was in Athlone. It was just a short toilet-break and there was a possibility to buy lunch and snacks for the upcoming day.
Back in the bus I ate breakfast (very relaxing that eating on the bus is no problem at all).

After an hour or a little bit longer we arrived in Galway. As a fan of Ed Sheeran and his famous song ‘Galway Girl’ it was a must for me to visit this city.
We had about an hour to spend there, which was really enough to explore this small town. I liked it very much because it’s a very unique and charming city with beautiful alleys.


Afterwards we drove on a beautiful coastal route calledWild Atlantic Way which is a narrow road with many potholes. I think I wouldn’t have managed to drive there with my car at all so hats off to the driver who did it very well with the big bus.
When we arrived atThe Burrenor also called the ‘Baby cliffs’ I was fascinated.The rocky cliffs and the blue Atlantic offered an amazing spot to take pictures.



As I was already highly impressed by the Baby cliffs, I asked myself how great the Cliffs of Moher would be then?
After half an hour on the bus we arrived there. I jumped off the bus and chose the right-handed way first. We had two hours at this stop and therefore I was able to explore the area from both sides and catch many different views. I took a lot of pictures to remember this wonderful place. As I am a true ‘sealover’ the view above the wide Atlantic was stunning.


Back on the bus again I was very tired because it’s actually a long day with a lot of walking. So I fell asleep and woke up at our next stop, the Kilmacduagh Monastery. Without the information the guide gave us I wouldn’t have known the uniqueness of this sight. It was quite impressive to see those 11th to 12th century buildings.

The last stop Loughrea was kind of a short toilet-break again. I bought something to eat and sat next to the lake to relax a little bit.



Some information in detail

Driver: very nice and friendly; brought us safely to all the locations
: high knowledge about the history of Ireland and all the locations; gave some insider tips for every stop; the given dose of information was perfect
Stops: enough time at every location; they all fit perfectly together on a day-trip; good selection of the stops in general
: on almost every stop you have the possibility to visit a bathroom


Summing up

It really was a fantastic day-trip. Even though the day is long because you are on the move from 7am to 8pm it’s definitely worth it. It’s a great facility to explore many different places of Ireland in just one day. I really loved it.


Written by: Fatima B.

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