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Bringing you to the highly acclaimed Titanic Experience in Belfast, Giant’s Causeway, Dark Hedges and Belfast from Dublin on this day trip.

Our Giant’s Causeway tour from Belfast including Titanic museum entrance is a tour that is not to be missed!

Considering the Titanic Museum in Belfast is one of the most expensive tourist attractions in Europe (almost £20 entrance fee…) and the Giant’s Causeway is the most-visited tourist attraction in Northern Ireland, we at Finn McCools Tours have decided to make an affordable day tour from Dublin that include both of the must-see attractions in Northern Ireland. At a bargain price as well!!!

To keep in mind when booking your Giant’s Causeway Tour –

Keep in mind one of our other tours does go to the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. But, especially in summer, the Bridge is oversold and tiresome (so we invented this tour).

This tour is designed to be relaxing and laid back, well-broken up and only visiting tourist attractions that are worth seeing and visiting. To make the most out of your day in Northern Ireland.

For example, we do not visit the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge on this tour. The Bridge brings a very frustrating experience that will make your day rushed and take away from the enjoyment (despite what the pictures online look like). You will have to walk one kilometre really fast navigating over a hundred steps, just to stand in line and for 40 minutes to cross. Just to turn around immediately and standing in line for up to 40 minutes to cross back and hurry to get back to the bus. Not to mention all operators in Belfast charges an extra £8 to cross the Bridge (not included in their price online).

All of this to cross a 30-metre long bridge made from thick steel cables.


0915 Departing our pick up on Chichester Street in Belfast, you can expect our highly trained guide to start entertaining you with stories of Belfast, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Our guides will make sure to tell you about the unique Irish myths and legends on the way to our first stop.

dunluce castle

DUNLUCE CASTLE (photo stop)

En route to the Giant’s Causeway, we will stop for 5 minutes for a photo stop at the most photogenic castle ruins in Ireland. Dated as long ago as before 1513, this castle was built on a rock extending into the ocean. Giving any photographer an amazing photo opportunity. The location we use for this stop provides with the perfect location for a picture that will amaze your friends on Facebook.

GIANT’S CAUSEWAY – Around 2 hours

Spend around 2 hours exploring the Giant’s Causeway. As the 8th wonder of the World, there is a lot of amazing geology to explore and walks to take. By far the most visited tourist attraction in Northern Ireland. The Giant’s Causeway consists of 40,000 interlocking hexagonal basalt columns formed between 50 and 60 million years ago. According to Irish mythical legend, the creation of the Giant’s Causeway was formed by the Irish Giant Finn McCool, in an attempt to build a bridge to Scotland. In an effort to go fight the Scottish Giant Bennandonner.

causeway giant

game of thrones trees

DARK HEDGES – Around 20 minutes

This 300-year-old lane of beech trees makes for a wonderful photo opportunity. Originally planted as a drive way to Gracehill house to impress visitors. Considered the most photographed natural phenomena in Northern Ireland, these trees featured in some films and tv series like Game of Throne and the new Transformers movie and many more.

This is not surprising as the different times of year leads to completely different levels of beauty and views at the Hedges. From the original 300 Beach trees that were planted here on the 2 sides of the road, there is less that 80 left.  So don’t miss the opportunity to see them in all their glory.

It is also a very nice break on our drive back to Belfast. Breaking up the drive to make the tour more relaxed and less time on the bus.

BELFAST – At least 1 hour

Depending on the tour order on the day, we sometimes have a 45-minute break in Belfast city centre to get something to eat, drink and maybe use the bathroom before visiting the Titanic museum. The is purely because it is a long day tour and to make it as relaxed and laid back as possible, we sometimes need a few minutes to regroup and enjoy the day tour.

belfast troubles

belfast titanic

TITANIC MUSEUM – Around 2 hours (Entrance Fee included; Saves £18!)

Considered one of the WORLD’S LEADING TOURIST ATTRACTIONS and also the biggest museum in the world when it comes to the ill fated Titanic ship that was build here in Belfast on the same spot as were the museum is located. Making this museum a must see when visiting Belfast.

Extending over nine interactive galleries, the Titanic Belfast experience will excite visitors with state of the art exhibitions, making use of special effects, rides and some amazing full-scale reconstructions. The is truly a museum not to be missed!

Explore the shipyard, travel to the depths of the ocean and uncover the true legend of Titanic, in the city where it all began. See the exact size of the ship outside where the dry dock is located in one of the most beautiful ares in Belfast to take pictures next to the Harbour and the River Lagan

The museum tells the story of Titanic from conception, construction to launch. And also of her ill fated maiden voyage that cemented Titanic’s place in history.

Using innovative technology, film, archival materials, scale models and many more interactive displays where you can emerge yourself in the history of this iconic ship. The story of the Titanic will come alive.

titanic belfast

The tour will end in Belfast city centre around 5:30pm/ 6:30pm.

*Please note that all times are approximate. The locations might be visited in a different order, depends on traffic and weather.

Pick up
9:15 am, 31 Chichester Street, Belfast (outside Top Shop entrance, across the road from Garrick bar)

Drop off
Around 5:30 pm – 6:30pm, same place

Things to note:

  • Groups of 12 people or more will not be accepted, even if the group make separate bookings. This is to ensure that everyone else on the bus can enjoy a good time.
  • Not suitable for people with limited mobility.
  • Not suitable for children under 3. If your child is very used to travelling, please book 1 seat per child and bring your own child seat.

5 star rating on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook and other bookings sites

Line M on 12 Jul 2018
All of a nice tour , nice and funny guide and excellent driver :) Made the tour more interesting:) So thank you for organizing a lovely day for us :)

Carmen M. on 10 Jul 2018
It has been a very nice tour, the driver and guide was excellent! without doubt i’ll repeat with the company

Natalie E. on 9 Jul 2018
Gavin was a great tour guide – attentive and explained a lot of the history of the attractions we visited. Had a really great day but wished we had a bit more time to spend in Belfast to explore the city more. A minor downside; definitely recommend!

Natalie S. on 18 Apr 2018
Both the driver and the guide were amazing. They made our long tour very short and enjoyable, telling stories about the country, the history of the country and themselves, that we deeply appreciated. They made us feel a big family enjoying every second. The driver was proffessional, and made us feel safe.

Malabika S. on 9 Jul 2018
Northern Ireland has a lot to offer and it’s difficult to fit it all in a single day. From the little research I did before picking the tour, none of the other established vendors provide all of this in a single day trip (I could be wrong). My trip with Finn McCools was memorable. They covered all of these and added the Dunluce Castle photo op as a bonus stop on the way. A trip, at the end of the day, is about the people and the stories and the laughter and the songs. Derrick, our tour guide, made the journey informative (history and stories), funny (I noted down some of his Irish jokes to share with friends later), and refreshing (songs accompanied by live guitar). He made great recommendations all throughout the tour which not only saved us time and money, but also ensured we got the best of what needed to be savored, as one can otherwise spend hours and hours and still not experience the best these places have to offer. Oh, not to forget the very responsive team behind the scenes – I had a question after booking the trip which I sent to the team pretty late on a Saturday evening and reply came almost instantly. Highly recommended. Keep doing what you do, Finn McCools team.