Delve into the fascinating medieval crypt, one of the largest in Ireland and Britain. It’s filled with treasures and the mummified remains of a cat and a mouse. Visit the tomb of Strongbow, the 12th-century warrior/statesman who was instrumental in the Norman conquest of Ireland and the construction of this church in stone.

Built in the 11th century, Christ Church is Dublin’s original medieval cathedral and home to one of the greatest Crypts in Britain or Ireland. Among the biggest and oldest of its kind anywhere in the British Isles, it’s home to holy relics, majestic tombs, and precious medieval artwork.

Christ Church is Dublin’s first cathedral and seat of its archbishops for a thousand years. When you enter its hallowed doors, you’ll be following in the footsteps of quite a few saints.

This is where, in 1171, King Henry II received Holy Communion for the first time after having his archbishop, St. Thomas Beckett, murdered in Canterbury Cathedral. It must have been a pretty tense ceremony.

A decade later, reconstruction began, to turn this wooden cathedral into a stone one. It has undergone various refurbishments since then, but the Crypt is still completely original.

In the Crypt, whose massive stone pillars support the entire weight of the cathedral, you’ll see Tom and Jerry, the mummified remains of a cat and mouse that got stuck in an organ pipe.

These two certainly made an impression on James Joyce – they were mentioned in his last great work, Finnegan’s Wake.

Christ Church Cathedral, Christchurch Place, Dublin

Opening times

  • April – September: Mon-Sat, 09:30 – 19:00; Sun 12:30 – 14:30 & 16:30 – 19:00
  • March & October: Mon-Sat 09:30 – 18:00; Sun 12:30 – 14:30 & 16:30 – 18:00
  • November – February: Mon-Sat 09:30 – 17:00; Sun 12:30 – 14:30
  • 24 December: 09:30 – 12:00
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