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The famous temple bar in Dublin is not only the pub itself,but an area, where lots of pubs located and a lively nightlife is guaranteed. It is a popular tourist attraction and also most of the bachelor parties are heading this way. In almost every pub there, they are doing live music seven days a week. There is “party time” every night and usually you see people, who are in a costume or have something painted in their face. The most popular bar there is the Temple bar itself. Of course there are still other places there, who are famous like the “Auld Dubliner” the “Oliver St John Gogarty Pub” the “Palace bar” and the “Temple bar pub” just to name a few of them.

In every one of them the Performers on stage do common songs, so everybody can join in and have a good time. Sometimes you even see irish people do their traditional irish dances. Just walking through this street by night is a great experience, which you shouldn’t miss during your time in Dublin. But Temple bar area is not only famous for it’s pubs and bars but also for its cultural institutions. Some examples are the “Irish Photography Centre”, “Ark Children’s Cultural Centre”, “the Irish Film Institute” and many more.
The area is located next to the river Liffey in the middle of the city. The name Temple bar comes from a family called Temple. Sir William Temple built his house and garden in this area. Later in time they named this area after him and his son, Sir John Temple. Irish people try to avoid this place, because it is a very touristy place and also not that cheap. But it is worth going there, at least once.

You meet lots of people from different countries and it is a great atmosphere there. During day there are lots of little shops out on the street and in the same area, there is the famous “Hard Rock Cafe”. If you want to eat at a place, where you are entertained the whole time, then this is the right direction. On Saturdays and Sundays there is a book market on the Temple bar Square. The nearby Meetinghouse square is used for outdoor film screenings in the summer months and on Cow’s Lane there is a design and fashion market also on Saturdays. After dark the whole area turns into a big Party. You feel like you are in a street festival. I would definitely recommend this place to every tourist just to make the experience.


Written by: Monika H.

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