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COVID-19 UPDATES: Carrick-a-Rede remains closed at this time. They are not planning to re-open for the 2021 season. Tours in 2021 have been amended. We will allocate extra time at the other attractions, instead of at the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.

Discover the wonders of the north coast of Ireland on this day trip from Dublin — take our tour of the Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Belfast, and the Dark Hedges (Note that for 2021, we will not be going to the Rope Bridge). Here at Finn McCools Tours, we’ve put a lot of time and care into this Dublin to Giant’s Causeway tour; we have created an unforgettable experience of many of the most special locations along Antrim’s Causeway Coast. You might also be interested in our Giant’s Causeway tours from Belfast or our Titanic and Giant’s Causeway tour from Dublin


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Itinerary for our Giant’s Causeway Tour from Dublin

0635 Start boarding outside Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, on Parnell Square North.

0645 Leave Parnell Square North and head to Belfast. On the bus, our tour guide will tell you Irish legends, myths, and history as you pass some key spots on your journey. To break up the drive, we will do a rest stop at a service station, allowing time to visit the restroom, grab a few snacks and a cup of coffee. On occasion, we also pick up a few more passengers from Belfast on our way to the Causeway Coast.

dark hedges

Visiting the Dark Hedges (around 20 minutes)

Planted 350 years ago, this lane of beech trees is an incredible site to behold, making it an amateur photographer’s dream location. The Dark Hedges were made famous more recently as they featured in Game of Thrones and they captured the attention and imagination of GoT fans from all over the world. If this part of the tour interests you, check out our Game of Thrones from Dublin tour. Stopping at the Dark Hedges is also a great opportunity to stretch your legs and walk, taking pictures that will be the envy all your friends back home. If you get lucky, you might even get a picture of the Grey Lady: a legendary ghost that haunts the hedges… (We think the Grey Lady is, in fact, tending to the Dark Hedges, and this might explain why they are more than a hundred years older than breech trees’ usual lifespan).

Dunluce Castle (Bonus 5-min photo stop for summer)

The most beautiful castle ruin in Northern Ireland and definitely worth the 5-minute photo stop. The reason this castle is a ruin is because the kitchen fell into the ocean and the owners didn’t feel safe staying. On our tour you will have the opportunity to see for yourself why this was even possible while taking a photo that makes even the worst photographer a good one.

giants causeway

The Giant’s Causeway Tour (around 1.5 hours)

The Giant’s Causeway was formed in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption around 50 to 60 million years ago, leaving 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. However, beyond the geological story, there is an alternative story: a myth that the Giants Causeway was built by the Irish Giant, Finn McCool. There a few variations on the legend and we tend to put as much stock in legends as in geology…

The uniqueness of the Giant’s Causeway is what led to it becoming a UNESCO world heritage site. It is the “8th wonder of the world”, you cannot afford to miss the Giant’s Causeway on your visit to Ireland.

causeway giant

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge (around 1.5 hours) – Not available in 2021. The Rope Bridge remains closed due to social distancing restrictions.

The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is a tourist attraction owned by the National trust. The current bridge at Carrick-a-Rede is 66ft long and 98ft high, and it hangs over a chasm overlooking the North Sea. The bridge can be crossed from the mainland to spend a little bit of time on Carrick-a-Rede Island. Crossing this moving bridge is definitely not for the faint-hearted and it is truly an exhilarating experience (but that’s what we love about it). When the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is open, you will be able to cross it without paying anything extra.

rope bridge

A little history: the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge was used by fishermen for 300 years to catch salmon in a very unique way. The size of the chasm between Carrick-a-Rede Island and the mainland confuses salmon as they think it is a river mouth and swim upstream into the fishermen’s nets. This used to give local fishermen massive hauls of salmon. Unfortunately, this type of fishing had a detrimental effect on the salmon population in Northern Ireland.


After visiting the spectacular Giant’s Causeway, we will return to Belfast on the Old Coastal road. Enjoying fantastic views of the Irish Sea and ALL the Glens of Antrim. On a clear day you can see all the way to Scotland and the Isle of Man. This is a truly magnificent road to drive with some of the best views in the world. The road was voted one of the top 5 roads to drive anywhere in the world.


Exploring Belfast (Around 1 hour)

Belfast city centre is a compact treasure trove of history and culture, so 60 minutes is enough time to get a good feel for one of the greatest cities in Europe (in our opinion). You will have more than enough time to explore the important and impressive sites in Belfast’s city centre, learning about the legacy of ‘The Troubles’. Take pictures of the impressive City Hall, walk down the main shopping streets, and maybe get some food. Remember that Northern Ireland is part of the UK, so the currency is Pounds Sterling (£).

1930/ 2030 Return to Dublin

*Please note that all times are approximate. The locations might be visited in a different order, depends on traffic and weather.

**As people don’t want to spend that much time in the cold countryside, when it starts getting cold, we might give a little bit less time at the Giant’s Causeway and add the time onto the Belfast stop.

Pick up
6:45 am, outside Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Parnell Square N, Dublin 1

Drop off
Around 7:30 pm – 8:30pm, same place

Things to note:

  • Not suitable for people with limited mobility. A fair bit of walking involved.
  • Not suitable for children under 10. If your child is very used to travelling, please book 1 seat per child and bring your own child seat.

5 star rating on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook and other bookings sites

3 weeks ago
Excellent experience
Massive thank you to Chloe our guide, Andrei the driver and Mark the trainee for a most enjoyable and comfortable journey to the Giants Causeway and Carrick-a-rede-rope bridge. This tour itself is well recommended. Chloe was very knowledgable and gave us plenty of time to not only see the sites but enjoy our time visiting. Both Mark and Chloe sang a couple of Irish songs which made for an entertaining trip.

4 weeks ago
Professional, Knowledgeable Staff and FUN
From the moment my Granddaughter & l boarded the bus for our tour of Giants Causeway and the Carrick-A-Rede Bridge we felt welcomed. Our guide, Laurence (Lawrence) was friendly & personable & knowledgeable with the perfect amount of humor and reverence depending on the topic. Yuri, our driver was friendly & professional & we felt very safe as he drove on highways & cliffs & narrow city streets.
Other family members took Finn McCool tours to other parts of Ireland and agree with me that we will use this company again & tell others about our experiences so they too can have a great time & see Ireland without any worries.

Lily B
3 months ago
Derek and Yuri were absolutely fabulous – beyond the beautiful sights, they made the trip absolutely well worth it. So knowledgeable about the history and the city of Dublin itself – he was kind enough to provide a full page of listed recommendations for the passengers.

2 months ago
Giant Causway Tour
My friends and I were in Ireland for a couple days. We utilized McCools Finn Tour and our driver was Turi and tour guide was Derek Allen. Other than the trip being amazing, the driver and tour guide were hands down wonderful people who genuinely made our day fun and educational. They treated us like family and we had many laughs along the long journey. Make sure to tip these two at the end of the day! They are the best!

2 weeks ago
Day tour to Giant’s Causeway and Rope Bridge at Carrick-a-Rede
Amazing weather, couldn’t have picked a better timing to visit Belfast for the Giant’s Causeway! Our guide was well-learned about the history and sights that we were brought to. Ample time were given to for us to tour the Giant’s Causeway and tickets for the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge was also included in the cost when booking for the tour so we could just walk right in without queuing! Overall, a pleasant trip with Finn McCools!

1 month ago
Worthwhile Trip.
Wasn’t expecting too much but our tour guide Daniel really made the trip worth it! He had lots of facts and interesting stories to tell us. He ran a tight bus and ensured our trip was very efficient. His in bus entertainment really spoke to his customer service skills. Can’t say enough. Our driver Yuri was one of the better tour bus drivers and our ride was very smooth and safe!!
The sights we stopped at were all beautiful in their own way but it was really the staff that made this tour worth it.

3 months ago
Giant’s Causeway tour with Derek. D and Stephen
Had a fantastic day out visiting Dunluce Castle, Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge and Dark Hedges with Derek. D and Stephen. Everything ran on time and still left enough time to enjoy all the sights. Derek used the time on the bus to teach us Irish history, songs and even some of the local language. Great trip and would highly recommend!

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