Giant’s Causeway tour from Belfast

We are only company in Belfast that would let you cross the Rope Bridge for free when it is open;
All other companies will charge you an extra 7 pounds when you get there!

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What to expect – Our Giant’s Causeway tour that is designed to show you more than any other company in Belfast will. We are the only tour company in Belfast to let you cross the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge for free when it is open. With all other companies you will have the option to pay the extra £7 to cross the bridge. We will also take you to exclusive stops that no other company goes to to show you as much as possible of Northern Ireland in one day.

*Groups of 12 people or more will not be accepted, even if the group make separate bookings. This is to ensure that everyone else on the bus can enjoy a good time.


0900 Boarding from outside the Top Shop entrance on Chichester Street, leaving at 0900 (This tour actually starts and ends in Dublin. Belfast is the second stop of the tour. If you are planning to go to Dublin on the same day after this tour, you can pay an extra £10 per person to get a ride to Dublin.)

K_dark hedges green

1015 Stop at DARK HEDGES and get around 10 – 15 minutes here.

Planted by the Stuart family, who originally only wanted to impress visitors as they approached their Georgian mansion, this magnificent road of beech trees is now attracting half a million people from all over the world every year to come visit. See for yourself why even the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” picked this place for their scene where Arya Stark escapes. Definitely a photo opportunity not to be missed.


Licensed since 1608, there is no doubts why Bushmills whiskey is arguably the best whiskey in the world. As Bushmills Distillery has stopped giving out free shot of whiskey at the Distillery since 7 Sep this year, we will not be making a stop there anymore. Without the free shots of whiskey, the Distillery is only an overpriced gift shop. As everything (including the whiskey) they sell in the gift shop can be easily found in Belfast, we will instead add this time onto the tour so you can have more time at the other stops. Our guide will still be sharing with you how they make whiskey in Ireland and whisky in Scotland though.

K_dunluce castle

1110 Arrive at DUNLUCE CASTLE for a 10-minute photo stop

Constructed in the 13th century by Richard Og de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster, Dunluce Castle is the most striking castles in Ireland. Once you have seen it in person, it will not be hard to understand why it has been featured heavily in popular culture. Appearing in Led Zeppelin’s album, Houses of the Holy, American musician Jandek’s album, Glasgow Friday, Jackie Chan’s movie, The Medallion, to name a few. It is also said to have been the inspiration for C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia.

K_causeway sunset pretty

1115 Arrive at the GIANT’S CAUSEWAY and spend around 1.5 hours here

Here comes highlight of the day and Northern Ireland’s most popular visitor attraction. You will experience the breathtaking sights, awe-inspiring hexagonal columns and unforgettable landscape of the “8th wonder of the world” on your Finn McCools coach tour.

At this stop you will be given the opportunity to glimpse the Irish landscape, sometimes even the White Park Bay, at its most idyllic: beautiful rolling hills, magnificent seascape and of course the hexagonal/ polygonal stone columns that form the legendary causeway itself, some of which reach 40 feet into the air.

Formed in the aftermath of an ancient volcanic eruption, the Causeway consists of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. Although this odd stone pattern stretches all the way to Scotland, nowhere is it more perfectly preserved, making it one of the top places to visit in Ireland. According to local legend, the Causeway was formed when an Irish giant named Finn McCool ripped the earth from the ground, creating a pathway for a rival giant. Outwitted by McCool, this giant (named Benandonner) ran back to Scotland, wrecking the earth as he went. Despite some skepticism from pesky scientists, the existence of similar stone formations at Fingal’s Cave in Scotland are said to be proof positive for the legend of Finn McCool.

K_causeway how to get there

K_rope bridge carrick a rede

1315 Stop at CARRICK-A-REDE ROPE BRIDGE for around 1 hour and 20 minutes – Crossing fee included

An extreme 30-metre deep and 20-metre wide chasm is traversed by a traditionally built rope bridge which rewards the daring visitor with arguably the best views in the country – and certainly the best photographs for any Irish holiday! “Carrickarede” is an abandoned fishing island located near the Giant’s Causeway. The name comes from the Irish, “Carraig a Raid,” meaning “rock of the casting.” The island connects to the mainland by a rope bridge. At 66 feet long and 98 feet high, crossing the bridge is a exciting experience indeed.

Although the bridge in its current form was constructed in the year 2000, it is believed that rope bridges have been used as a means of reaching the island for more than 350 years. The fishermen used to use the bridge to harvest salmon. The bridge has taken many forms over the years, and in the 70s consisted of just one handrail with large gaps between the slats.

At the rope bridge you will have ample opportunity to explore the island and enjoy the view of Scotland and Rathlin Island. When the weather is nice and the Rope Bridge is open, you will be able to cross it for free.

K_rope bridge safe to cross

K_cushendun goat

1445 Arrive at CUSHENDUN and spend around 20 minutes here.

This picturesque village is not just an absolutely beautiful village, but also the closest point between Ireland and Scotland. On a clear day, sight of Scotland looks like it is only a few miles away instead of the 15.5 miles that it actually is. Our wonderful funny guide will also tell you the story of Ireland’s most famous goat. You can even take a picture of his statue.

Details_coastal route NI

1515 Head back to Belfast through GLENS OF ANTRIM

As we cross between the glens and drive on the side of Glendun, you will have amazing views of Glenariff and also down at the valley below. Crossing through wood plantation with amazing views as far as the eye can see when we get to the top of the glens.

1700 – 1730 Back in Belfast

*Please note that all times are approximate. The locations might be visited in a different order, depends on traffic and weather.

**As people don’t want to spend that much time in the cold countryside, when it starts getting cold, we might give a little bit less time at the Giant’s Causeway and add the time onto the Belfast stop.

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Tour information


Pick up
9:00 am, 31 Chichester Street, Belfast (outside Top Shop entrance, across the road from Garrick bar)

Drop off
Around 5:00pm – 6:00pm, near Belfast City Hall

Up to 60 people on board
Guiding in English only
Fair bit of walking involved
Children under 12 not recommended
Packed lunch recommended*

*We do not have any dedicated lunch stop. Restaurants and pubs next to the Giant’s Causeway tend to be a bit overpriced. Also, it would take up the time that you could have spent in exploring the Causeway.

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“Excellent trip! It was a lot of fun for both me (a local) and my friend. There were lots of cool sites to see and the guide was really nice and informative. I would highly recommend this to anyone!” – Jordan H., 16 May 2017

Fantastic experience with Phil and William! The coach was on time and they gave lots of good information and interesting facts about the history of Ireland and myths…For the price, the amount of spots visited is great value!” – Katharine W., July 2017

“The driver was lovely, really polite and funny and really knew his stuff, he kept us well entertained with his stories and facts about the places we were in.” — Claire S., 12 April 2015

“The guide was very nice, patient , humorous! This one day tour was very good , I have had a beautiful experience ! By the way the guide doesn’t have a hard accent :)” — Huanxin, 22 August 2017

“We loved this trip and the value as well. Tara was our guide and was such a delight. The mix of Belfast history and the scenery made for a perfect tour. Great day!” – Karen D, 26 August 2017

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