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On Tuesday I went to a Bus tour with Finn McCools Tours for a day. There were several different routes from Dublin, I went with the one which got to the cliffs. At 7 am the bus left from the Dublin City Gallery and the journey began! After a short time we made a little stop in Athlone to get a snack or a coffee or just going to the toilets. After about 10 mins our trip continued. After a while we got to Galway where we had about 1 hour time to explore this beautiful city on our own. During the drive from stop to stop our guide told us some facts and myths about some sights and Ireland itself in a really entertaining and funny way. But not the whole time so it didn’t get annoying. While driving through the Wild Atlantic Way, we also could look out of the window and see the pretty unique Irish landscape and enjoy the nature. There also were some sights on the way too. A while later, we got to the Burren. There were cliffs and as there wasn’t any fence you could go as far as you liked and take the most amazing pictures on the edge. On the other side of the bus was a little hill to climb which was also nice to watch and take pictures of. After about 20 minutes we went in the bus again and our driver took us to the Cliffs of Moher. Again we drove through the beautiful nature and got some details from the guide while doing this. Unfortunately the weather got bad and it started to get really rainy and windy. But I still went up to the Cliffs and the view was still really amazing. Even though my whole outfit got really  wet and my umbrella got turned upside down I still enjoyed it and had fun. You also could go inside the Visitor Center which was really great. Inside you could watch a Movie or make funny postcards with you and the Cliffs in the Background or go around and read some interesting facts about the Cliffs. After a hour, we went in the bus and got to our next stop: Kilmacduagh Monastery. There we had time to explore and take pictures of a really cool old tower and an abundance of ruins. Before heading back to Dublin, we stopped in Loughrea. We could stretch our legs and get food or just enjoy the beautiful view and take photos. Even though the weather was a bit bad at times I really enjoy this day trip a lot and its a great opportunity to see as much as possible from Ireland and I would recommend doing this anytime.

Written by: Angelina S.

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