Cliffs of Moher – The corpse eating eel

According to the folk legend, somewhere close to the village of Liscannor, there was a giant eel that came ashore every night to eat corpses from the cemetery of an Irish Saint Macreehy’s church.

Eel Cliffs joke

Although it was acceptable for humans to eat dead eel, it was not acceptable for an eel to eat dead humans. St. Marcreehy killed the eel eventually. No one knows how he killed it but he did kill it.

Today, if you go to the Cliffs of Moher when it is low tide, you can see the saint’s bed, the two stones on the shore. A craving of the eel could once been seen on a stone in the Kilmacreehy cemetery too. However, a few decades ago, it had vanished due to erosion.

Written by: Susan K.

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