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Tired of the usual Giant’s Causeway tour from Belfast? Have already been to the Causeway and are now looking for somewhere else to go? Finding a bus to go from Belfast to Dublin?

Why not join a day tour from Belfast to Dublin? Instead of the direct transport from Belfast to Dublin, you can also visit the legendary St.Patrick’s burial’s place and see the early Christian settlement at Monasterboice. If you are already planning to go to Dublin from Belfast, this day tour is the easiest and most hassle-free way to do it.

When you think of Ireland, apart of Guinness and whiskey, the holiday – St. Patrick’s Day and the word – Celtic are probably the other things that pop into your head. On this day tour, you will get to learn about the origin of St. Patrick’s Day/ St. Patrick and also visit one of the most well-preserved Celtic sites in Ireland. On top of that, you will also get a 1-hour sightseeing tour of Dublin before exploring the city on your own.

Departing at 8am from Belfast, your first stop is the St. Patrick’s Centre in Downpatrick.

Before St. Patrick came to Ireland, the Irish (or Celts) worshiped the sun and nature. Probably because there wasn’t too much sun that they were getting anyway, St. Patrick managed to convert people on this Island to Christianity. St. Patrick was from Roman Britain. When he was a teenager, he was kidnapped and was brought into slavery on Ireland for six years. He made his escape back to Britain and studied in the clergy. Inspired by a dream, he decided to return to Ireland and to convert the Irish to Christianity.

At the St. Patrick’s Centre, you will get to experience the life of St. Patrick through all the interactive display. Entrance to the visitor centre is included in this tour. You will also be able to visit the Down Cathedral at the back of the centre. Not only is it a beautiful piece of architect, it is also the final resting place of St. Patrick.

You will then be taken to Monasterboice, where you will be able to see the best high crosses in Ireland. These crosses have Bible stories on them. They were used to teach monks during the Dark Ages. One of them – the Cross of Murdock – is considered the best high cross in the whole of Ireland. Study the cross carefully and you will find the Last Judgment, where Christ is under a dove, symbolising the Holy Spirit. You will also find Archangel Michael weighing souls; Moses and the water; Adam and Eve etc.

Coming into Dublin, you will first be taken onto a one-hour sightseeing tour. The guide will point out the major attractions in the city and give you background information on them. Learn more about Guinness before actually trying it makes your whole tasting experience different. Understand why Trinity College is so special before stepping into the college ground.

After the guided bus tour in Dublin city, you will be given around an hour to explore the place. Do some shopping, drink a few pints and visit some famous locations on your own. You can finish the tour here in Dublin or jump back on the bus an hour later to go back to Belfast.


Written by: Robert H.

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Finn McCools Tours.

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1. Giant’s Causeway is free to visit! You do not need to pay the Visitor Centre to see the Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre is not part of the Giant’s Causeway. It is built around 1 mile from the actual Causeway. You can totally visit the Giant’s Causeway without visiting the Visitor Centre. Inside the Visitor Centre, they have a canteen, a souvenir shop and of course, some information about the Giant’s Causeway. It is up to you whether you want to pay the GBP 11.50 per person to get in.

When you get there, they do not have a sign that says clearly you do not have to pay to see the Giant’s Causeway. They only have a sign showing you prices for parking and prices for adult and child tickets for the Visitor Centre. Most tourists would just assume that is the price for visiting the Causeway. It is not! It is the price to park your car there and the price to get into the Visitor Centre. You do not need to pay to visit or see the Giant’s Causeway. To experience and enjoy the nature is free!

If you ask a staff member (they work for National Trust, who built the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre) on duty, ask them specifically whether you need to pay to see the Giant’s Causeway, they will tell you it is free to visit. They will try very hard to convince you to pay to get into the Visitor Centre though.

2. Take the red trail in the beginning for a better view and experience

Most people would walk straight though the tunnel and down to the Giant’s Causeway. However, there is actually a trail where you can see the Causeway from the mountain top. It is a much nicer view. And after taking a few gorgeous pictures from the top, you just walk down the stairs to see the actual Causeway. Leaving the Causeway, you can just follow the usual/ more popular route back up to the tunnel.

When you are standing in front of the Giant’s Causeway visitor centre, look to your right hand side, you will find a trail. You want to go for the red trail. It is marked as a more demanding route but it is not that challenging. If you can walk for a mile and then walk down around 100 steps, you can take this route. Much more photographic and you don’t have to walk on the same route twice.

3. Best time to visit the Giant’s Causeway (if you have a flexible schedule in Ireland/ Northern Ireland)

If you are in Ireland or Northern Ireland for a few days, you might want to stay up in Bushmills/ Ballycastle for a night. That way you can go to the Giant’s Causeway early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the crowd. Most tourists start their tours from Belfast or from Dublin, so between 11am and 3pm would be the busiest time of the day.

4. Best route to drive to the Giant’s Causeway

Follow the Causeway Coastal route from Belfast if you want a nice view of the ocean. It is a longer route (around 2.5 hours) but you will enjoy it. Driving straight from Belfast to the Giant’s Causeway is around 1.5 hours. Tourists from Dublin would need to plan ahead if they want to do the entire Coastal Route as it is quite time-consuming. Overtaking is almost impossible as the route is very windy. So if you have an unlucky day and get stuck behind a slow driver, you might end up spending 3 to 4 hours just to drive up to the Causeway from Belfast.

5. Where to park at the Giant’s Causeway

If you are planning to pay and get into the Visitor Centre, drive to Bushmills Park and Ride car park. It is the car park that is opposite to Bushmills Inn Hotel. You get a GBP 1.50 discount on your Visitor Centre entrance ticket if you park there and take the shuttle provided by the Visitor Centre.

If you are not planning to go inside the Visitor Centre (as mentioned above, the Giant’s Causeway is free to visit), you can park in Bushmills and then walk to the Giant’s Causeway (around 2 miles). You can also take a bus from Bushmills to Giant’s Causeway.

Some people would try to park on the road near the Giant’s Causeway. Not recommended. The roads are painted with double yellow lines. It means no parking allowed and you will get clamped and a massive fine. Locals living near the Causeway are really annoyed by the tourists parking on the double yellow lines outside their houses. They will call the Police on you. So there is a very very high chance your car will be clamped.

6. What to wear and how to prepare for your trip to the Giant’s Causeway


Waterproof warm jacket is a must! Giant’s Causeway is right next to the Atlantic Ocean, which means cold wind blowing all day at the Causeway. The Causeway is full of uneven surface. So please wear comfortable shoes. No high heels or sandals. There are loads of reported injuries of sprained ankle, cuts and scratches on forehead and hands etc. at the Causeway.

7. Other nearby places to visit near the Giant’s Causeway

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge*, Busmills Distillery and Dunluce Castle are popular tourist attractions nearby. Would be difficult to fit all of them in one day if you are going from Dublin. Plan ahead, check opening hours and maps if you want to see them all in one day.

*Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge has a timed-ticket system. Read more here


Written by: Robert H.

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Finn McCools Tours.

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Book your Giant’s Causeway and Rope Bridge tour from Dublin or Game of Thrones locations tour from Dublin or Titanic and Giant’s Causeway tour from Dublin now!

I know. I had the same question. I was living in Belfast for 2 years. Titanic museum was never on my list of “things to see” or “Belfast must-see”. It was just way too expensive for me. GBP 18 per adult, which is around EUR 21. For a museum? The British museum in London is free you know?

So I never visited this “World’s leading tourist attraction”. Even though I knew they had won a lot of awards. Something like the World Travel Awards/ Best museum in Europe or something.

Then I moved to Dublin. Then I saw this package tour Finn McCools is doing. EUR 45 per person for a tour from Dublin, including entrance to the Titanic, plus the Giant’s Causeway and Dark Hedges.

So a normal Giant’s Causeway tour, the cheapest you can find in the market, would be around EUR 40. And it would be one of those that do not have a guide. They only pick you up in Dublin, then drop you off at the Causeway. It is actually more like a transfer from Dublin to Giant’s Causeway. Public transport to Giant’s Causeway, same thing, around EUR 40.

So when I saw that this day trip includes the Titanic museum fee and Giant’s Causeway, I decided to give it a go. Also, I had to pick up some post from my old house in Belfast anyway. On this tour, I would have around 1 hour in Belfast, which is perfect. Belfast is so small I can just walk to my old house from the Belfast City Hall.

Anyway, so I went on this tour. Pick up from Parnell Square at 7:15am. Easy spot to find in Dublin. Good starting time as well.

I was planning to just sleep my way through to Belfast. It is, after all, two hours from Dublin to Belfast. But the guide started talking, telling us about the Troubles, the legends, St Patrick, Irish and British and this and that. I didn’t even realize it had been two hours. Time just flew.

Then we got to the Titanic museum. Or, as they call it, the Titanic experience. First impression? Hmm… this is kind of a weird design for a museum building… But then the guide told us it was actually built like this to resemble the shape of the Titanic’s prows. Suddenly it all makes sense and became artistically beautiful. They have the big word “Titanic” there in the front of the building as well. I think we took quite a few pictures outside the museum itself.

Going in, our guide gave us the ticket and gave us around 2 hours to explore. We followed the sign and started with the little history of Belfast. Turns out the Titanic experience is not just about the Titanic. There is so much more. It tells you how Belfast started with linen trade and production, then because of the harbour, they started the shipbuilding industry.

You will understand why this is voted one of the best museums in Europe. Instead of pictures and words on the wall telling you stuff, they have so many different types of interactive devices for you to play with. And it’s not the old stupid ones that you press a button and it lights up that kind of thing. It was really fun doing morse code, walking with the shadow in old Belfast city etc.

After Belfast history, you move onto the construction of the Titanic. They explain how much steel was used, how the structure of the ship was like. All the facts presented in the most un-boring way possible. Keep walking and you will be at the lift. Go up to the 3rd floor (or 2nd floor? just follow the sign). Here is where the fun begins.

They have a ride inside the museum! It’s called the Shipyard Ride. Of course it’s not one of those roller coaster rides in amusement park. But it was still fun! The thing moves up and down and turn etc, not just a cart running on the track. They show you how the working condition was like when they built the Titanic. Really interesting and we enjoyed it a lot.

Then the next part of the experience is about what was on the ship. How many sailors and waiting staff were on; how much food and drinks they had to load; how many posts and parcels were on board etc. A funny cartooned video shows you all these. They have also set up a replica of the 3rd-class, 2nd-class and 1st-class rooms there. I love the 270-degree video the most. It makes you feel like you are in the ship. They take you from the bottom engine room all the way up to the top deck. It is an amazing sensation I don’t know how to describe. Just go there and experience it. (Now I know why they call it the Titanic Experience).

Next, as expected, is the sink. It is heart-breaking. They dim the light in the room and show you the radio conversation between the Titanic and the nearby ship. It felt so real. I really love how they make use of the lights, the layout of the room, the sound and the words on the wall to make you feel like you are just in the control room of the nearby ship. Again, it suddenly makes all the sense why they call it an experience. It is way more than just a museum.

After reading some stories about a few individuals that were on the ship, you will walk into the room where they show you movies and books that people have made in all these years about the Titanic. It was a nice transition for my mood. It’s not making me happy again but I felt less sad.

Next is the big cinema-like room where they show you on the gigantic screen what is there on the seabed today. The Titanic museum was huge. I find this room a good break for us to sit down and rest a bit, while still learning a bit more about the ship. Didn’t see the Ocean of the Heart though…

To conclude, it was a really nice experience. I am really glad I went. Now if you ask me again, I think the GBP 18 is worth it. And of course, if you can find this Titanic deal from Dublin that Finn McCools Tours is currently offering, you should really really do it! I think they are just doing it this cheap because it is a new tour at the moment.

[Part 2 about the Giant’s Causeway, Dark Hedges and Belfast – to be continued]

Written by: Robert H.

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Finn McCools Tours.

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Book your Titanic and Giant’s Causeway tour from Dublin now!
Also available: Giant’s Causeway and Rope Bridge tour from Dublin and Game of Thrones locations tour from Dublin

For this tour, I travelled to Northern Ireland to see the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. The bus started early in the morning so that we could see all the attractions during the day. Departing from central Dublin, we drove up to the Irish border, which is very much like a straight road, apart from the road sign informing travellers that kilometres are changing to miles. Throughout our drive to Belfast, our guide told us some Irish history, especially the history between Ireland and Northern Ireland, before stopping briefly at a station for shopping for some food and using the restrooms.

Once in Belfast, we the bus picked up some more passengers for the day and then headed out towards the Dark Hedges. On the way, we heard some more of the history of Northern Ireland before arriving at the Hedges to take some pictures. Most of the trees lining the road have fallen over the centuries but the remaining trees still form an impressive lane. After the Hedges, we drove to Dunluce Castle to take some more pictures while our guide told us the story behind this castle ruin and why parts of it had fallen into the sea.

Departing the castle and a short drive later, we arrived at the Giant’s Causeway for the first main attraction of the day. The weather started picking up at this point, but fortunately we had almost two hours to walk around, so the rain eased up towards the afternoon. If people don’t mind walking, there is a path up on the cliff from where you can see the entire Causeway before descending but you can also take a shuttle bus down the road for one euro. Bringing some rain gear and good shoes is recommended because of the weather and slippery steps but otherwise the sight is well worth it.

After seeing the Causeway we again drove a short distance to the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. There is a bit of a walk down to the bridge and our guide told us to go to the bridge right away to avoid the line, since people are crossing the bridge in both directions and the staff only admits eight people at a time. Luckily the weather had cleared up again and we could see down to the clear waters below as well as to the Sheep Island off the coast.

Leaving the bridge, we arrived at Cushendun a few minutes later. We were told that on a clear day you could see all the way to Scotland from this town and even though the weather wasn’t as clear as we had hoped, we could still see a small part of the coast in the distance. The weather had cleared and on our drive through the Glens of Antrim we managed to even see a rainbow outside the bus’ window.

Our last stop for the day was at Belfast where we had about an hour to walk around and do some shopping before heading back to Dublin for the end of the tour. Overall people enjoyed the tour and had a great time with our guide, who kept the bus entertained throughout the day. This tour is sure one of the things you will remember about your visit to Ireland.


*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Finn McCools Tours. 

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We departed central Dublin early in the morning and headed out towards the western coast of Ireland. On the way, our guide told us about some of the sights in Dublin as we left the city and then kept on telling about the history of the country dating back to the very beginning, as well as pointing out interesting sights as we made our way to Athlone for some snacks and restrooms.

Our first stop for the day was the city of Galway, where we had about an hour to explore the city and do some shopping. Our guide also told us some of the history behind the city and the people living there. Galway is an old coastal city and people seemed delighted in getting to explore it by themselves after the guide had shown us around parts of the city.

After leaving Galway, the bus headed for the Wild Atlantic Road to show us some of the countryside before arriving at the Burren, where we stopped for a moment to walk around, take some pictures of the bizarre rocky landscape and the baby cliffs besides the Atlantic.

After some driving up from the Burren, we arrive at the main attraction of the day, the Cliffs of Moher. We were given plenty of time to walk on and explore the cliffs as well as visit the Cliffs of Moher visitor centre for more information on this location and its history. Plus, the ticket for the visitor centre was included in the tour, so we didn’t have to spend time standing in line for the tickets and had more time to see the cliffs and what the centre had to offer. The weather was windy but otherwise clear, although our guide told us we should normally prepare for rain by bringing some raingear.

Once we had seen the Cliffs of Moher, we headed back on the Wild Atlantic Way to start our return to Dublin. On the way, we drove through a variety of small towns and villages while our guide kept us entertained by telling more of the history and stories behind these towns. This drive gave us the opportunity to also see more of the green countryside of Ireland and all of the Irish landscape.

Our last stop for the day was at the Kilmacduagh Monastery, where we were given a few minutes to walk on the grounds and take some photographs of the old buildings and the leaning monastery tower before heading back to Dublin through more of the Irish countryside.

We arrived back in Dublin sometime at eight in the evening and as we were driving towards the city centre, our guide pointed out some of the things we could do while in Dublin, such as visiting the Dublin museums, as well as good places to eat and spend the evening after the tour or the day after, which was a welcome end to the tour, which people are sure to remember as a great part of their visit to Ireland.


*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Finn McCools Tours. 

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I went on the Game of Thrones-Tour in July 2017.

The first stop was a stop at a gas station where we could buy our lunch and snacks for the upcoming day.
Afterwards we went to the Dark Hedges. That‘s a very special place because those trees are really unique and a scene of Game of Thrones was filmed there.
The next stop was Dunluce Castle, a ruin directly built on a cliff.
Then we drove to our main stop the Giant’s Causeway. We had two hours there which is the perfect amount of time in my opinion. You have to walk down to the rocks and then back up again which takes you around 40 minutes altogether. That means you have enough time at

the attraction itself to take pictures, eat your lunch or whatever you want to do.
Then we drove to three more places in Northern Ireland, where scenes of Game of Thrones were film

ed. The guide had a map with him to show us pictures of the actual scenes, that was really cool.
Our last stop was in Belfast, where we had one hour to explore the city, get something do eat or do some shopping.

I really loved this tour because you get to see so many different things and places. It’s not only about the stops, just sitting in the bus an watching the beautiful landscape of Northern Ireland, the houses and the animals was already stunning. Not to forget to mention the driver and the guide which made a very good job.

They brought us safe to all the locations and gave us so much interesting information.
I can really recommend this tour, and not just for fans of Game of Thrones. If you are a fan you will be amazed because you can actually stand on the places where some scenes were filmed. But if you are not such a big fan of it, it’s also quite cool because those locations are really really beautiful.

It’s a long day but it’s definitely worth it.

Written by: Fatima B.

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Finn McCools Tours. 

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Book your Game of Thrones location tour now before it’s too late!

From Dublin:

From Belfast:

As it is my first time here in Ireland, I was excited to go to the Cliffs of Moher. After seeing reams of pictures and hearing a lot of great stories I couldn’t wait to go there. The day-trip with FinnMcCoolsTours seemed to be perfect because I always wanted to go to Galway as well and this small city is an included stop on this tour.

It was Saturday, 8th of July, where I went on tour. It will be a great day I thought, because the sun was shining already in the morning.


The stops

After getting an introduction into the tour from our guide we made our first stop, which was in Athlone. It was just a short toilet-break and there was a possibility to buy lunch and snacks for the upcoming day.
Back in the bus I ate breakfast (very relaxing that eating on the bus is no problem at all).

After an hour or a little bit longer we arrived in Galway. As a fan of Ed Sheeran and his famous song ‘Galway Girl’ it was a must for me to visit this city.
We had about an hour to spend there, which was really enough to explore this small town. I liked it very much because it’s a very unique and charming city with beautiful alleys.


Afterwards we drove on a beautiful coastal route calledWild Atlantic Way which is a narrow road with many potholes. I think I wouldn’t have managed to drive there with my car at all so hats off to the driver who did it very well with the big bus.
When we arrived atThe Burrenor also called the ‘Baby cliffs’ I was fascinated.The rocky cliffs and the blue Atlantic offered an amazing spot to take pictures.



As I was already highly impressed by the Baby cliffs, I asked myself how great the Cliffs of Moher would be then?
After half an hour on the bus we arrived there. I jumped off the bus and chose the right-handed way first. We had two hours at this stop and therefore I was able to explore the area from both sides and catch many different views. I took a lot of pictures to remember this wonderful place. As I am a true ‘sealover’ the view above the wide Atlantic was stunning.


Back on the bus again I was very tired because it’s actually a long day with a lot of walking. So I fell asleep and woke up at our next stop, the Kilmacduagh Monastery. Without the information the guide gave us I wouldn’t have known the uniqueness of this sight. It was quite impressive to see those 11th to 12th century buildings.

The last stop Loughrea was kind of a short toilet-break again. I bought something to eat and sat next to the lake to relax a little bit.



Some information in detail

Driver: very nice and friendly; brought us safely to all the locations
: high knowledge about the history of Ireland and all the locations; gave some insider tips for every stop; the given dose of information was perfect
Stops: enough time at every location; they all fit perfectly together on a day-trip; good selection of the stops in general
: on almost every stop you have the possibility to visit a bathroom


Summing up

It really was a fantastic day-trip. Even though the day is long because you are on the move from 7am to 8pm it’s definitely worth it. It’s a great facility to explore many different places of Ireland in just one day. I really loved it.


Written by: Fatima B.

*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Finn McCools Tours. 

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Book your Cliffs of Moher tour now before it’s too late!


Titanic Museum & Giant’s Causeway



My tour started at 7:15 am in Dublin. I chose to go on the Titanic Museum & Giant’s Causeway tour because on the one hand, I’m really interested in the history of titanic, but on the other I also wanted to see the beautiful Giant’s Causeway. So the tour Finn Mccools tours offers seem to be perfect for me.


7:15 am: Starting from Dublin City center, heading to Belfast, UK.
My guide was well informed about the Irish history, told many myths and facts along the way, so we won’t get bored on our 2 hours drive to Northern Ireland. On our way, we had a quick stop at a service station, so we could buy some lunch for the day.


10:00 am: Arriving at the Titanic Museum
The Titanic Museum in Belfast is absolutely stunning. It’s an architectural masterpiece, from the inside and outside. The museum tells the story of the titanic from conception, construction and launch. It’s a must see for everyone. You don’t have to be interested in the Titanic to go there, as you learn so many interesting facts about shipping and the history of Belfast itself.



12:00: Heading to Giant’s Causeway
After our 2 hours stay at the Titanic Museum it was finally time for the stunning Giant’s Causeway.
On our way there our guide Eugene entertained us well with telling us stories about the Irish.
We made a quick stop at the Dunluce Castle to take some pictures,
before we got to the main attraction, the Gaint’s Causeway.


1:30 pm: Arriving at Giant’s Causeway
2 hours time to explore the green fields, the breathtaking stones and enjoy the view across Scotland.
I chose to go far from the tourists at first, because I wanted to enjoy my lunch all by myself at such an amazing backdrop. So I climbed down some black rocks to get the best view at the sea.
After finishing my lunch, I wanted to explore the
interlocking hexagonal basalt columns. So I walked round about 10 minutes to get there. I’ve seen similar rocks in Iceland before, but not in such an amount. The work of nature in here is incredible!
There’s not enough time to explore all of the beauty this wonderful place has to offer, you’d need a whole day to really see it all. But I enjoyed my 2 hours at the Causeway to it’s fullest anyway.
At the end, I drunk a Guiness with the guys from my bus on the terrace of a tiny restaurant at the Causeway, a beautiful way to end the amazing experience.


3:30 pm: Dark Hedges
To be honest, I’ve never seen the series Game of Thrones, so I didn’t know what to expect from the filmset.
But as we arrived there, I could understand why it’s one of the most photographed sights in Northern Ireland. The old trees seem to form a cave around the tiny street, which makes it look so gorgeous. We’ve had a 10 minutes stop there, before we head back to Belfast.


5:00 pm: Belfast City Center
We had an hour to go shopping in the city center of Belfast. I really enjoyed it, because I’ve found a Poundland in the mall. So I’ve spend my hour in Belfast doing grocery shopping, which was quite good. I bought some souvenirs for my family there as well before I went back to the bus.


7:00 pm: Arriving back home in Dublin

Even if I travelled alone, I never felt alone, not even a minute.
I was really lucky, that the guide, driver and the people in the bus were so friendly and warmhearted.
They let me charge my phone, took pictures of me and drank a Guiness with me.
I love to go to places were your problems become so small, they seem disappear in the deep blue ocean and the grass green fields, and Giant’s Causeway is one of those places.


© Jasmine L.


*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Finn McCools Tours. 

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Book your Titanic and Giant’s Causeway tour from Dublin now!
Also available: Giant’s Causeway and Rope Bridge tour from Dublin and Game of Thrones locations tour from Dublin


Ein spannender Tag im Westen Irlands


Ich und meine Freunde entschlossen uns, am 8 Juli 2017, eine Tour zu den Cliffs of Moher
mit FinnMccools tours zu buchen. Wir hörten nur Gutes von den Klippen und wollten uns daher selbst
einen Eindruck des gigantischen Naturschauspiels machen.Mit FinnMccools tours haben wir gebucht,
da sie nicht nur den Hotspot, die Cliffs, anfahren, sondern auch charmante Städte wie Galway,
einsame Ruinen und Küstenstraßen fahren, die schöner nicht sein könnten.
Und das alles zu einem sehr gutem Preis/Leistung Verhältnis.



  • Athlone: Der Stop in Athlone ist dazu gedacht, um sich eine kleine Jause einzupacken, einen Kaffee zu trinken oder zu frühstücken. Mir persönlich kam dieser Stop zu Gute, da ich am Vortag vergessen hatte noch etwas einzukaufen.
  • Galway: Nach etwa 2 Stunden kamen wir in der wunderschönen Stadt Galway an. Es ist eine kleine, liebenswerte Stadt voller Charme und irischem Flair. Wir hatten eine Stunde Zeit die malerische Stadt zu erkundigen. Eine Stadt die aus voller Kunst, Kultur und und Charme besteht.
    Die Straßenkünstler von Galway lassen einem die irische Lebensfreude zu 100% verspüren und stecken ihre Zuschauer mit ihrer guten Laune an. Wir kauften ein paar Souvenirs, erkundeten den Markt sowie den Harfen, schlenderten durch die Stadt und machten ein paar Fotos bevor es auch schon wieder zum Bus zurück ging. 
  • The Burren: Von Galway begaben wir uns fortan in Richtung Cliffs of Moher auf dem Wild Atlantic Way. Die Straße ähnelt einer Achterbahn. Es ist eng, windig und es geht ständig auf und ab. Daher ein Chapeau an den Fahrer, Peter, der uns sicher durch diese Straße manövriert hat. Die Küstenstraße ist trotz des ständigen Auf & Ab’s einer der Höhepunkte dieser Tour. Wir hatten Glück, dass das Wetter herrlich war, was laut des Guides, Irial, eine Besonderheit zu sein schien. Also konnten wir die Straße und den Ausblick den sie zu bieten hatte voll und ganz genießen. Malerische Buchten, furchterregende Klippen, die grasgrünen Felder und der blaue Atlantik ließen mein Herz höher schlagen. Umso schöner war es für mich, zu hören dass wir einen kleinen Stop auf dieser Straße einlegen werden, da ich förmlich auf dem Fenster klebte. Der Burren National Park wurde vom Guide als “Baby Cliffs” angepriesen. In der Tat sind die “kleinen” Klippen ein Vorgeschmack auf die Cliffs of Moher. Meinem persönlichen Empfinden nach gelang es mir beim “Burren” die besseren Fotos zu schießen. Meines Erachtens liegt dies daran, dass die Kippen nicht so weit von einander entfernt sind, wie die Cliffs of Moher. Dies garantiert einzigartige, beispiellose und atemberaubende Fotos, die Familie und Freunden zuhause den Atem stocken lassen.
  • Cliffs of Moher: Nur ein paar Kilometer weiter befinden sie sich nun, die Hauptattraktion des Trips, die Cliffs of Moher. Bis zu 200 Meter blickt man von den Klippen in den dunkelblauen Ozean hinab.
    Ich entschied mich, das vorhandene Museum nicht zu besuchen, da ich meine vollen 2 Stunden den Klippen widmen wollte. Dies habe ich nicht bereut, den so konnte ich den ganzen Weg bis zur Spitze der rechten Seite marschieren und das ein oder andere Souvenir kaufen.
    Um die Cliffs of Moher zu beschreiben, reicht kein Bild, kein Wort, keine Erzählung aus, man muss sie selbst sehen.
    Auf den gigantischen Klippen zu stehen und in den tiefen Ozean hinunter zu blicken gibt einem das Gefühl von Freiheit und Schwerelosigkeit. Nichts scheint mehr wichtig, jedes noch so große Problem scheint so klein. Definitiv einer der schönsten, beeindruckendsten und mächtigsten Plätze an denen ich je sein durfte.



  • Kilmacduagh Monastery: Eine alte Ruine einer katholischen Kirche. Ich freute mich, dass wir hier einen Stop machten, da ich bereits aus dem Fenster einige solcher Ruinen gesehen habe, und mich fragte warum wir an so schönen Plätzen denn nicht einen Stop einlegen könnten.
    Die Ruine hat auch einen Friedhof den man besichtigen kann und die Ruinen an sich waren sehr beeindruckend.
  • Loughrea: Ein kleiner Stop in einer reizenden Kleinstadt um sich noch die Beine zu vertreten, den ein oder anderen Snack zu kaufen oder ein Eis zu essen. Ebenfalls ein toller Einfall, wenn man bedenkt welch langer Tag hinter einem liegt. So muss man zurück in Dublin nicht mehr einkaufen gehen und kann entspannt die Füße hochlegen während man auf einen einprägenden Tag zurückblickt.


Unser Fazit :  Ein wunderschöner Ausflug, der einen die Zeit vergessen lässt. Atemberaubende Einblicke in die so interessante Kultur der Iren. In der Tour mit einbegriffen sind viel Spaß mit dem Guide und dem Fahrer, da diese ein tolles Team bilden. Wissenswerte Mythen, interessante Geschichten und erstaunliche Fakten über Irland. Man spürt die Erfahrung des Teams und fühlt sich sicher aufgehoben, trotz der holprigen Straße. 


Written by: Jasmin L.

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On Thursday the 15th of June 2017, we started the tour  at 7 am at the Dublin City Gallery. We have been with Eugene our tour guide and Petras the driver, both of them were very nice and experienced. After a calm 3 hour drive and quick stop we arrived in Galway. There are some little shops. All the houses were colourful and I could feel the charm from Ireland. We had 1 hour to discover the city center. We had a very funny drive to the Burren  through the Wild Atlantic Way.

When we arrived there, we were almost blown over the street, because it was very windy.  It was a beautiful view over the ocean. The next stop was at the Kilmacduagh Monastery. It looks very nice. After this we had a ride to our main point, the Cliffs of Moher. It was really impressive.  They don’t have any enclosure between you and the chasm, but exactly this makes it to an unforgettable experience

We had around 1,5 hour to walk around the Cliffs. For me it was one of the highlights in Ireland. After this we went back to Dublin.

Result: It was a really  wonderful day and I will never forget it.

Written by: Lucy K


*The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Finn McCools Tours. 

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